Cruise on Ba Be Lake

Embark on a sampan, you will enjoy the beauty of peaceful Ba Be lakes with the evergreen forests, towering mountains. You will also discover the lives of people on the shore or on water. Tay and Dao minorities inhabit the few villages in the national park. Most are located on the shores of lakes.
Ba Be lake is actually three linked lake Lake that stretches for 9 km long and 400 m wide.
It takes 6 hours drive to reach this site from Hanoi but this site is worth a visit because of its breathtaking landscape, the biodiversity and the rich culture of ethnic group.

Ba Be national park consists of three lakes: Pelam, Pelu and Peleng. It covers 500 hectares, as the biggest lake in Vietnam. The lake is surround with rivers, waterfalls, limestone mountains which are covered with tropical forests with high biodiversity: 400 species of plants and nearly 300 animal species. That is why this park is called "the green lung of the Northeast".

Two Russian scientists, followed by many other researchers have recently shown that the formation of lakes was due to the subsidence of several limestone and the collapse of huge caves.

The Tay group who live here have a different explanation according to their legend: a leprous beggar old woman who was in fact a dragon of the waters, was rejected by habitants. Only a widow was kind and gave her some food and a place to stay. All the village was drowned in flood accept the house of the widow, now it is called Po Gia Mai (the Mound of the Widow).

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